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SmellCells is at the forefront of VOC interpretation. Our state-of-the-art solutions read VOCs in human breath, the environment, and liquids, and can instantly digitize, interpret, and efficiently use the valuable information they contain. 

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Explosives & Security

Detection of explosives or security related threats without the need for trained sniffer dogs. Our sensor technology is able to add increased security when you need it most.


Diseases or sicknesses continuously change our breath fingerprint. Being able to identify these changes at very early stages can be time winning - and live saving.

Travel & Events

We smell what you need to know in order to make travelling and events safer. Fully mobile sensor solutions allow detection of threaths at the right place and time.


Our sensors are able to scan and observe our environment for any kind of safety or health related threats. Cloud-based dashboards keep you informed, updated and alerted in real time.

Our technology is available worldwide

We make the invisible visible

Volatile organic compounds exist everywhere around us. Through our applications 
we are able to offer unparalleled and near endless detection possibilities. .

Food & Agriculture

Our technology facilitates analysis of airborne particles that are relevant in agricultural processes and in the F&B industry. Sensors provide customized insights into the quality of food and beverages.

Chemical & Industrial

Protect your people, production and products. Various applications for the detection of toxic gases, quality control processes and health safety are available, including tailor-made solutions.

Smart City

Reimagine urban living with our innovative technology. Empower community safety, wellbeing, and sustainable progress with smart, tailored solutions. Step into a brighter, safer tomorrow today.

Smart Home

Embrace unparalleled luxury and simplicity with our AI-powered home automation. Prioritize your health, fortify your security, and conserve energy seamlessly. Start living smarter today.

What do you want to smell? 

Let's work together on your customized security solution.